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Three New Hypervelocity Stars Discovered

Using the MMT's Blue Channel Spectrograph, SAO scientist Warren Brown has completed a survey of Milky Way hypervelocity stars, resulting in the discovery of three new objects. Read more.

March 18 & 19 - Mt Hopkins Road Closures

On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 18 & 19, potholing work will be done on the Mt. Hopkins Road at one location near km 5.5 and two locations near km 9.5. The road will be closed at 8:30am, open between noon-12:30pm, closed from 12:30-4:00pm, and reopen at 4:00pm. Power will also be disconnected at 7:00am and turned back on after 4:00pm each day. The motor generator will provide power during the day.

There will be two additional road openings during the day on March 19 to accommodate the tour bus, if needed.

Astronomy Magazine Editor Visits MMTO

Astronomy Magazine editor, David Eicher, recently visited the MMTO and the Whipple Observatory. Read about his visit in his blog and be sure to look at his photo gallery at the end of his blog!

Thursday, March 6 - Mt. Hopkins Rd. Closure

Mt. Hopkins Road will be closed for most of the day on Thursday, March 6, starting at 9:00am. It will be open from noon - 12:30pm, then closed again until 4:00pm. Contractors will be digging holes to locate power lines near 5.5 km. Utility power will be disconnected while this work is being performed with power provided by generator during this time.

Mt. Hopkins Road - Currently open through Monday, March 17

Road repair work is continuing on the Mt. Hopkins Road intermittently in March around km 5.5 and km 12.  When scheduled, work will be conducted on weekdays, with the road usually scheduled to be open before 8:30am, from noon-12:30pm, and after 4:00pm, although it might vary day to day. The road will be open on weekends. Observers will receive emails giving the current status of the road before and during their observing runs.

New Survey from SAO Scientists

Dr. Margaret Geller at Smithsonian has released a new redshift survey of a rich galaxy cluster, the first substantial spectroscopic survey of this cornerstone of extragalactic research. Read more.

Electronic Technician, Sr. position - Closed

The MMTO has an opening for an Electronic Technician, Sr. (job #54182). Details and an online application can be found here.

January - April 2014 Observing Schedule

The observing schedule for January through April is posted, along with Program Titles.

Meteor in Tucson

On Tuesday, December 10, at 7:11pm, a sonic boom hit Tucson as a large meteor passed overhead. MMT's all sky camera captured its bright flash in a single image. The frame shows the moon (center) and the meteor (upper).

Facility Improvements at the MMT

Work began in October on the installation of a new comprehensive fire alarm system at all of the facilities on Mount Hopkins.  Work remaining at the MMT is expected to be completed by mid-December. Work continues at the other mountain facilities and at the Administrative Complex at the basecamp area. 

Construction improvements at the Common Building began in November and are expected to be finished in December. The work includes sealing leaks, repairing interior drywall in the basement, and touching up exterior paint.