Surveys I have worked on:

PRIMUS : The PRIsm MUlti-object Survey

A spectroscopic survey to z=1 with ~120,000 robust galaxy redshifts covering over 9 square degrees of the southern sky focused on regions with deep Spitzer, optical, GALEX , and X-ray data. We used a custom built low dispersion prism on the IMACS instrument at the Baade 6.5m Magellan telecope to obtain redshifts ~10 times faster than comparable spectroscopic surveys.

  • Survey Website
  • Survey Paper One : The PRIsm MUlti-Object Survey (PRIMUS) I: Survey Overview and Characteristics - arXiv
  • Survey Paper Two : The PRIsm MUlti-object Survey (PRIMUS). II. Data Reduction and Redshift Fitting - Coming Soon
  • Data Release - coming soon
  • Publications - ADS

AGES : The AGN and Galaxy Evolution Survey

AGES utilized the Hectospec instrument on the MMT to obtain ~24,000 redshifts over 7.7 square degrees in the Bootes field of the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey. The median galaxy redshift is z=0.31 and the survey footprint has a myriad of multi-wavelength observations from Spitzer , Chandra , GALEX, and ground-based optical observatories. The full statistical samples of AGN and galaxies has been used to study topics from the properties of brown dwarfs to the population of high-redshift quasars.

  • Survey Paper : ADS
  • Publications which used or referenced AGES data: ADS Labs

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