Research Interests

  • Understanding the rate at which galaxies have grown at z<1 and the role that galaxy cluster formation plays on the process
  • Constraining the processes which quench star formation in normal star forming galaxies and prevent new stars from froming in evolved systems
  • Understanding the evolution of galaxies in the presence of an AGN. Specifically, looking for observational signatures that the interaction between AGN and galactic matter shapes stellar populations of galaxies
  • Quantifying the relative importance of new star star formation and assembly through mergers in teh growth of galaxies of different types
  • Understanding the role that a galaxy's evenironment plays on its evolution
  • Designing and implementing new software for the processing and analysis of astronomical imaging and spectroscopic data

News & Updates

Cygnus Loop

NOAO released a press release featuring images I obtained while a graduate student covering 9 square degrees centered on the Cygnus Loop supernova remnant. At the time we obtained the data, piecing the images together at full resolution required more memory than typical desktop computers were equipped to handle. As technology caught up, we've been able to create full-resolution mosaics of the entire supernova rememnt. Travis Rector (University of Alaska, Anchorage) processed the data and created the amazing images available in a wide range of resolutions. You can see the press release here.