Hectospec Data Reduction:

As a graduate student, I created HSRED, a suite of tools to aid in the reduction and analysis of Hectospec data from the MMT. The link below leads to the documentation to download the code, set it up, and begin running on your data. The code is once again being maintained and new features (additional gratings, more robust user interface, and more streamlined usage) should appear in the coming months.

HSRED Code and Documentation

Astronomical IDL Tools :

  • IDLUTILS - A collection of IDL utilities useful for a variety of astronomical applications
  • IDLSPEC2D - Various tools for the extraction and analysis of spectra from SDSS.
  • Code Suite by John Moustakas - Tools for reducing and analyzing multiwavelenght imaging and spectroscopy with broad astronomical applications. John also maintains a suite of IDL tutorials for IDL beginners.

Python Tools :

Resources for other languages I run into:

Useful Text / Code Editors for OS X:

I have a slight addiction to trying various editors. Often each language I write in comes with an editor I prefer. Some of the editors I use frequently are listed below. Note that these are my own opinons, are not reflections of the MMT and I am not compensated for these recommendations.

  • Emacs - Old reliable and has syntax highlighting for most languages as well as smart indent. If functionality is your main concern, this is probably you're safest bet.
  • Subetaedit - Nice bells and whistles. Syntax highlighting for many languages and is very customizable. It's major strength is the ability for collaborative writing. Comes with a hefty pricetag (~$40).
  • Smultron - Simple layout with syntax highlighting for many languages. Easy to navigate multiple open documents. Allows for storage on iCloud, making accessing your documents from any of your iOS devices trivial without the need for Dropbox. Available for $5 on the AppStore.
  • Sublime Text - A more sophisticated text editor for coding or TeX. Includes features such as multiple tabs, suggestion for completion for popular functions or variable names, tab and bracket checks. One major drawback is that writing your own syntax coloring scheme can be troublesome and some languages do not have color packets easily available (such as IDL). I love Sublime Text for python coding. Also available for Linux and Windows. Sadly, this comes with the heftiest of prices ($70) and no educational discounts are available.