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Km 18.5 Road Stabilization Project

By admin - Posted on 15 September 2018

There is currently road work leading to the summit at Km 18.5. During Phase 1, the goal is to keep the road open with minor interruptions. There will be restricted access to cars. There are currently 2 windows per day that allow vehicles to pass through. The first is at 8:45-9:15AM with another at 3:50-4:20PM. Work begins at 6AM and continues to 6PM. Due to these closures, it is our preference that you plan for remote observing. Coming up to the mountain is still possible if you feel you must be there, but please expect the road to be closed at the time you might normally want to come down from the summit. Please also expect that it may not be an easy drive in the construction area. Phase II will begin in November and will have major interruptions. Please plan accordingly and check back for updates!