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Proposal Deadlines for 2010A

Applying for Observing Time at the MMTO:

Around the World in 80 Telescopes!

100hrs100hrsAs part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 the MMT Observatory will participate in the 100 Hours of Astronomy 24 hour webcast that will take place April 3rd and 4th UT.

MMT February Observing Statistics

    Time Summary

Percentage of time scheduled for observing              100.0
Percentage of time scheduled for engineering              0.0
Percentage of time scheduled for sec/instr chan           0.0

MMT Sep - Dec '08 Trimester Summary Report

To read the MMT September – December ‘08 Trimester Summary Report,
click here.

Preparing for NASA's LCROSS mission

During Monday’s (3/2/9) engineering night Shawn Callahan, Morag Hastie, Tim Pickering, Phil Hinz, and Ale Milone tested the f/15 AO system capabilities to develop procedures to image lunar impact craters for the upcoming NASA LCROSS mission. To learn more about this interesting NASA mission go to:

MMT Telescope Trained on Moon During 2009 Impact

Astronomers will use the powerful University of Arizona/Smithsonian MMT Observatory on Mount Hopkins, Ariz., to search for lunar water ice when NASA fires a 2-ton rocket into a polar crater on the moon later this year.

To read more about this, click here

MMTAO In the News

Listen to Michael Lloyd-Hart discuss MMT adaptive optics and the multiple laser guide star system for large telescopes on Arizona PodCats at:

Elevation Tracking Report

The MMT elevation tracking has been evaluated for the 3rd trimester of 2008 and was found to be at a median of 0.065″ +/- 0.04″. There is a lower limit to the tracking smoothness at about 0.02″, or +/- 2 encoder counts, with a non-linear dependence on the tracking rate. Wind rejection remains an issue, with tracking degradation a (nearly linear) function of the wind speed, regardless of the telescope position.

Applying for Observing Time -2009B

2009B:  1st May  2009 – 31th July 2009


Apply through Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (here)

  • Deadline: NOON (EST) Tues 24th Feb, 2009


Apply through University of Arizona Observatories (here)