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  • Variability Discovered in Star System

    Arizona astronomers have used the MMT's adaptive optics system and the ARIES instrument to discover significant changes in the appearance of the variable binary star system UY Aurigae since 1994. The new spectrum is only the second ever published for one of the stars. The changes in brightness indicate increased interaction between the stars and their circumstellar disks. More information can be found here.

  • Updated August - December Draft Schedule

    An updated draft observing schedule for August - December has been posted along with Program Titles.

  • MMTO Summer Shutdown Dates

    The MMTO summer shutdown began on Tuesday, July 15. We will reopen on Tuesday, August 19. 

  • Fire Restrictions Lifted - July 11

    Due to rains, fire restrictions have been lifted for now by the Forest Service. Please continue to practice good fire safety rules, including disposing of cigarettes in ashtrays. For more details, read here. Fireworks and similar devices are prohibited year-round on federal lands.