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  • Binospec Instrument Update

    The Binospec telescope simulator has arrived at the summit and will be assembled during the early part of the week of October 16. Plans are for the simulator and a "clean" tent to be installed in the Instrument Repair Facility (IRF) at the summit by the end of the week. Commissioning of the Binospec instrument is planned for mid-November and continuing in mid-December.

  • Mt. Hopkins Road Travel

    Expect a busy Mt. Hopkins Road for the week of October 16! Various vehicles and staff are traveling up and down the road with the arrival and assembly of Binospec equipment. Be sure to drive carefully and use radios to announce your location on the road.

  • Revised - MMTO Observing Schedule

    The revised observing schedule for October can be found here.

  • White Dwarf Mergers

    Read about new developments regarding merging white dwarfs that were first discovered from observations taken at the MMTO.