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  • Saturday, May 7 - A Night Under the Stars

    For a fun evening of touring an historic site and also gazing at stars, head south on I-19 to historic Hacienda de la Canoa (Canoa Ranch, exit 56) for a tour followed by telescope viewing sponsored by volunteers from the Sonora Astronomical Society. The self-guided tour is from 6:30-7:30pm. Telescopes will be set up starting at 7:30. More details can be found here.

  • Spectroscopic Survey Follow-Up

    Astronomers from Flagstaff, AZ have released a spectacular follow-up paper to the landmark Local Group Galaxy Survey (LGGS), publishing MMT Hectospec data of over 1800 stars in the nearby galaxies M31 and M33. Many of these stars are classified for the first time, with the discovery of some unusual types of massive stars. Read their paper for more information!

  • May 2-13 - Curing of New Concrete Near Summit

    New concrete pavement that was installed on the steep portion of the summit road (km 19.75-summit) over the past month is now in the curing stage. This portion of the road is closed to all vehicular traffic during this time. Only foot traffic is allowed.